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Instasorteio is free for publications with up to 5,000 comments uploaded. To upload more comments, pay only R$29.90 per draw *for publications with up to 35,000 comments. **The paid drawing can be held within 7 days.


Connect with your Facebook and reduce loading time by up to 40%.


The free draw works for draws that have less than 5,000 comments and the connection between Facebook and Instagram is mandatory. They are simple to capture and upload comments. If your post has more than this amount, you must use the Cloud GIveaway.

Cloud upload is used for posts that have more than 5,000 comments and have a symbolic cost. Because, these types of draws have a greater complexity and need more care to capture and load all comments. Also, our tool uploads comments to the cloud, so there is no risk of losing comments and the best part: Using cloud upload you don't need to have the connection between Facebook and Instagram.
Extra: You can have less than 5,000 comments and use the Cloud Giveaway to facilitate the entire drawing process.

This process is necessary for our tool to connect with Facebook, which also owns Instagram, to be able to identify all comments. Every connection is made within Facebook itself and follows the network's privacy standards.

1 - Access Facebook pages and create a page (or access your already created page);
2 - Click Page Setup and then Instagram;
3 - Now just fill in your Instagram login and password… that's it. Enter and make your giveaway!

Users who opt for cloud upload can complete the transaction with peace of mind, as payment methods: PIX and credit card are extremely safe.

Performing the giveaway by computer facilitates the entire process of connecting to Facebook and can make the draw even more agile and practical.

Click on the raffle image and copy the post link (in the instagram feed). Now, put on the screen bar select the post on the website.

Send a message to our support at Instagram DM and inform the @ Instagram and the link you used to give away, so our team will contact you to help you.

You have 7 calendar days to make your draw. This period starts from the moment you upload the comments on our website.

Cloud Upload is valid for 1 (one) drawing. Within the deadline indicated in the previous answer.

Some comments may be viewed as spam by Instagram itself.

It's not the most suitable, as people can comment on your raffle after uploading comments and thus stay out. So, say in your official post how long these people can participate and upload after finalizing the comments.

Contact our service via We will normally respond within 48 hours to assess your case and finalize the chargeback in the coming days.


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